Wayfarer 34ft Bedroom down Tiny House -up to 385 sq ft total

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Wayfarer 34 Tiny Home
  • Wayfarer 34 Tiny Home
  • Wayfarer 34ft Bedroom down Tiny House -up to 385 sq ft total
  • Story board Wayfarer 24
  • Main floor Mahatten Tiny House
  • Loft floor Manhattan Tiny House
This model is available for purchase, we don't have pictures yet...

This 34ft model comes with the master bedroom on the main floor.

 • With a loft, the frame will have a 4" drop axle for maximum height inside. 

Combined living space with loft of 385 sq ft.

Fully equipped as shown


• Without a loft, the floor will be 10" higher with more under belly clearance.

Combined living space without loft of 252 sq ft

Fully equipped as shown



Below are listed the standard amenities included in every Wayfarer 34 home we build**

Our appliances, cabinets, and amenities must go through a rigorous six step elimination process before they can even be an option in a Transcend Tiny Home. Here are the steps of criteria in order:  Weight, Energy Efficiency, Functionality, Appearance, Size and Cost.

Our designers just won't settle for anything less than stellar when it comes to performance and functionality. That is why we proudly choose IKEA cabinets, Andersen windows, Shaw flooring and the biggest names in appliances like Whirlpool, LG, Summit, Kohler and Kenmore.

Priced as shown fully equipped. $87,000*

*Loft Extra

IKEA in Transcend Tiny Homes
Shaw in Amsterdam 24 Transcend Tiny Homes
Kohler in Amsterdam 24 Transcend Tiny Homes Summit at Transcend Tiny Homes
LG at Transcend tiny Homes Whrlpool at Transcend Tiny Homes

Bathroom Transcend Tiny Homes

Kitchen Transcend Tiny Homes

15" base 24" sink base
30" cooktop base Drawer pulls
30" wall cabinet 36" wall cabinet
Kitchen faucet IKEA large sink
Countertop LED light -sink 
Induction cooktop Microwave/Conv

Living Room Transcend Tiny Homes

Media storage
5 LED track light Ladder
Shaw flooring Light dining area
Door lockset Front door
Vallentuna seating

Bedroom Transcend Tiny Homes

Ceiling lights
Shaw flooring Closet storage
Bed frame

Utilities Transcend tiny hoes

LG Mini Split

$87,000 includes everything listed above.**

**All items subject to availability.