Transcend Tiny Houses - why so lightweight?

Why is lightweight so important?

I was exposed early on to building small airplanes. My uncle built bush planes for export to places like Australia which meant I did a lot of riveting. The aerospace industry has been building with lightweight technologies for many years. We are bringing that technology to home building starting with tiny homes.

Everything in this home, down to the smallest item is carefully weighed and debated to be sure it fits the top level goals of the whole project. The lighter it is the less it costs you to tow it because you need less fuel. The largest savings comes from using a smaller and lighter truck. If you can buy and maintain a 3/4 ton truck, instead of a dual wheel one ton truck, you are way ahead of the game saving thousands of dollars.

Money saved beats money earned. You don't pay taxes on money saved.

If you ever have had to deal with pulling heavy trailers, you will love this lightweight technology!


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