How do I hook up the sewer?

Following with our mission to make this home feel like a real home, we typically install a residential toilet with water saver features whenever possible. RV toilets flush into what is called a 'black tank'. That black tank is many times a troublesome part of the RV system. (Just talk to anyone who has owned RV's for a long time.) Since this is a Tiny Home, and not an RV, we don't install a black tank.

We install a hookup on the outside under the frame that needs to be hooked up to a septic tank.

That means that if you are traveling between destinations, you cannot use the toilet when it is not hooked up. We believe that since most tiny home folks only move their unit once in a while, our system is the best and most convenient way to handle sewer. The other alternative is a composting toilet which is discussed under another of the FAQ's.

When you secure a piece of property to set up your tiny home, you will need a septic tank, or if you have one just a connection to it near where you will be setting up your tiny home.

The connection under your tiny home looks like this:

Transcend -hooking up the sewer.

This is the type of hose to use. You can get them at Walmart, or any camping supply.

Transcend -Sewer hose typical

It is best to support it well so it can drain properly like this:

Transcend -Sewer hose supported.

Here is a better alternative if you are not moving often

Permanent sewer connection. - Transcend Tiny Homes

You can source everything you need for this at a Home Depot, Lowes, or a hardware store.

Transcend Tiny Homes -Leafs