Starting a Tiny Home community development. Getting it funded.

Tiny Home Developments


Transcend Tiny Homes models its projects on Zero Energy concepts, an architectural style that yields low energy consumption for heating and cooling. We continually refine our business model that prioritizes environmental sustainability using the latest technologies.

Everything we design starts from the ground up prioritizing thermal dynamic properties that make for a comfortable, energy sipping home that is built for long term durability and extremely low maintenance. A Transcend home is truly a platform for sustainable living. Building this way means power via solar or wind is a natural progression.

Our styling is rooted in timeless beauty, with living space convenience built in. We hear often that our homes feel bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. When we design a living flow, we start with the proportions of a human and design outward, space inside our homes always utilizes shared space concepts. 


Considerations for getting a home development started:

We have within our reach abilities to receive funding for home developments utilizing Transcend tiny and small homes. Funding can come from any number of channels from bank loans to debt financing and investors on hand, just to mention a few. The best funding source many times is more than one source, and takes creative planning by a funding source expert. We here at Transcend, collaborate with an expert in fund sourcing to present a development project to the best, most likely funding source(s) based on experience.

Of all the ways to get the job done, there are a few prerequisites that rise to the top as first considerations:

1. Does the developer have some investment in the project to collateralize? This can take many forms, but an example would be: Can the developer purchase that property in whole or part? Or, better yet, has the land/location already be secured, or at least under contract? (The amount and type of collateral will be more or less, determined on the strength of all the factors of the project.)
2. Does the developer have past experience in projects of this kind that show abilities in this regard?
3. Can the developer produce plans for a development project including property plots, road and infrastructure drawings and financial projections?


If the answer to the above questions is in the affirmative, then we should start a conversation.