Transcend Tiny Homes. The company and owners

The headquarters of Transcend Tiny Homes, LLC is located in the Appalachian mountains close to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It's actually in White Pine, Tennessee, but lots of folks know of Gatlinburg being a tourist destination.

There is an independent spirit in the mountains here, and we still treat others as we would like to be treated.

Our Founders:

Randy Marmet, CEO Transcend Tiny Homes

Randy Marmet, CEO

Randy has a wanderer's heart and so has a real grip on the tiny house attraction. He and his wife Yvonne have spent 10 years living full time on the road traveling back and forth across America. They also spent a year, after buying a new Harley, touring the western national parks putting 24,000 miles on the bike that year.  Randy started out as an airbrush abstract artist when he was 14 years old. He smiles when he talks about how people would pay him for art, and he says it was always interesting how people yearn for something that is well done, even special. 

He went on to develop his entrepreneurial spirit founding multiple businesses, one of which catapulted into a worldwide endeavor. 

Transcend Tiny Homes is a mashup of all the different concepts and skills developed over a lifetime. Randy has built 5 homes, one was built from beginning to end, solely by he and his wife, here in Tennessee.  It has a wood fired brick oven in the kitchen where he makes his authentic Sicilian Pizza.

His experiences in fabrication, invention, manufacturing, plus art and design, seems to have steered him to a unique place as contributor in this Tiny Home movement. He has always felt that success can be measured in how much a person gives. Hence, his motto:

"Serve the world unselfishly."


 Yvonne Marmet, CFO Transcend Tiny Homes

Yvonne Marmet, CFO

Yvonne has wandered with Randy for over 30 years now both in real life and metaphorically speaking. She and Randy have travelled the world, just soaking it all in. They bring a world sampling of culture and lifestyles from Europe, Australia and Japan. It has been said that she is the anchor with her feet firmly on the ground holding on to the kite string while Randy flies high with his creative visions. She has been the voice of reason in business and makes it work from the inside out. Her experience in manufacturing and business management brings a solid foundation where it is applied with skill. She is an expert in interior design, which will be apparent when you step inside one of our homes. Color and textures sing at different frequencies, she makes them harmonize. 

As a side note, she happens to be an accomplished chef in her own right, and contributes some culinary expressions to the company blog from time to time.


Karen DuGuay, COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Karen and Yvonne are sisters. Together with Randy these three have been working together in businesses for over 30 years. Back in the early days they painted huge wall murals in restaurants for clients.

For Karen, her interest in design started at a young age.  As a child she not only played with her Barbies, she designed homes for them and built them out of styrofoam, cardboard and various other materials.  Karen is also a sketch artist of note and has been drawing since a young age. She has developed and honed her digital art skills to include the 3-D and Photoshop worlds so that now she has established herself as an accomplished home designer with hundreds of floor plans under her belt. If you look close, you will see the sketch artist coming out in the artwork on this website. Karen also has over 20 years experience in management giving her a formidable footprint in this company. She makes sure things get done...correctly.

Her dedication to a project is overwhelming.  If you want to get her going, just tell her that something can't be done. She will wake up in the night with a solution to your challenge and have it ready the next morning.

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