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Summit refridgerator Amsterdam Transcend Tiny House
SUMMIT's Ingenious Series of frost-free refrigerator-freezers features an advanced design specially configured to suit the modern lifestyle.
With over 18 cu.ft. of interior capacity, the FF1935PL offers full-size storage convenience inside a unique 27" depth and 30" width.* The exterior comes in an attractive platinum finish that complements any kitchen, with a striking curved door design to complete the look. This unit has a right hand door swing with a modern handle style.

The Ingenious Series comes with a variety of unique refrigerator features designed to improve the user experience. A digital control panel located on the door's exterior allows you to adjust the refrigerator temperature from the outside, while a Power Cool function lets you rapidly cool the inside after loading new groceries. You can also activate the open door alarm or holiday function to protect the interior or save on energy use. The Ingenious Smart Station allows you to keep certain items easily on hand by loading them in a cooled compartment that can be accessed without having to open the whole refrigerator door. This function is great for remembering packed lunches or keeping popular snacks always in reach.

Inside, the FF1935PL includes adjustable glass shelves for flexible and spill-proof storage. The refrigerator section includes an automatic light, as well as multiple humidity controlled crisper drawers for produce and meat. Both compartments have door storage, with a gallon-sized shelf in the refrigerator section. The freezer compartment includes a unique Express Chill Zone that lets you quickly cool food and drinks on a timer system that you can set from the digital controls on the door exterior. The Smart Fill Ice Factory offers a conveniently tidy way to make ice cubes, with a no-spill system that lets you load a removable cylinder with water, insert it into the Smart Fill, and release ice cubes into removable storage box.

With user-friendly features and modern style, SUMMIT's FF1935PL brings true kitchen convenience to a counter depth fit. NOTE: This unit is not available for sale in the state of California.

• Part of the Ingenious Series of refrigerator-freezers, designed with extra care for modern user convenience
• Over 18 cu.ft. of interior storage inside a convenient counter depth fit
• Modern platinum finish offers an attractive look for any kitchen
• Deluxe interior includes spillproof glass shelves and multiple crispers
• Door storage in both compartments for true storage convenience
• Unique door window is ideal for keeping beverages and bagged lunches easily accessible
• True frost-free operation prevents icy buildup
Made in North America
Frost-free operation
• Ensures low maintenance operation by eliminating the manual defrosting process Platinum finish
• Stylish look suits many kitchen styles
Adjustable safety glass shelves
• Rearrange refrigerator and freezer space to accommodate all sizes or remove shelves for simple cleanup
Door storage
• Full and half shelves in both compartments, with a large refrigerator door shelf that can accommodate gallon-sized containers
Smart Station
• Unique door compartment lets you store selected items in a way that's easily accessible without opening the door
Express Chill Zone
• Special freezer feature lets you cool down items quickly in 60, 45, 30, 20, 15, or 10 minute increments, with an audible alarm to tell you when your item is ready
Humidity controlled crisper
• Large crisper drawer offers the ideal conditions for storing produce
Deli crisper
• Clear drawer compartment is ideally designed for deli storage
Sliding mini-crisper
- Great for smaller items, the compact crisper can be moved from side to side for added flexibility
Smart Fill Ice Station 
• No-spill ice cube system includes a removable cylinder that when filled, will automatically fill a small ice tray that can then be easily emptied into a storage box with a simple lever
Interior lighting
• Automatically illuminates when the refrigerator door is opened
Power Cool function
• When activated, this feature rapidly cools the refrigerator compartment. Great for when you have just loaded room temperature items, such as new groceries
Holiday function
• Allows the unit to save on energy use during short periods of no activity
Open door alarm
• Audible alarm will sound when the door is left open for over a minute. You must first activate this feature on the door control panel
Right hand door swing
• Door opens from standard right hinge
Exterior temperature control
• Intuitive digital controls allow you to adjust the refrigerator temperature without opening the door
100% CFC free
• Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals
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