Precision Built Trailers by Transcend Tiny Homes

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We use 'C' channel instead of box tubing. Box tubing used by most other manufacturers cost less, but it can rust on the inside leaving you with a weakened trailer frame 10 years down the road. 'C' channel is a better choice because of the way we weld it to the crossmembers making for a much stronger joint. We step up the crossmembers to a larger profile and a thicker material to make an exceedingly strong trailer that is built for longevity.

Our wrap around 'reach under' tongue design that reaches all the way back to the axles is far superior to a tongue that is simply welded to the front crossmember of the frame. This wrap around design also combats metal fatigue and stress cracks which is your enemy.

We comply to D.O.T. requirements with reflective tape on the side rails. In addition, we add fore and aft lighting to the side rails providing an added level of safety when on the road.

We use only LED lighting throughout, making for an efficient, and bright presence at night.

For convenience, we have added four 6000 lbs jacks, one on each corner. No crawling around on the ground to use them as the crank is at waist level. We also made the jacks removable so while moving the house they can be safely stowed, or if one does get damaged, they are easily replaced.
Precision Built Trailers by Transcend Tiny Homes


We start with a heavy-duty Bulldog fully adjustable hitch. Getting your trailer level is extremely important so it tows and brakes without tugging on your truck. The adjustable hitch makes this a very accurate and convenient way to accomplish this.

Notice the clamp around the ball hitch. We chose this type because it is so much safer and easier to use than the traditional flip down lever type and there is less chance of smashing a finger in the process.


Bulldog adjustable hitch Transcend Tiny Homes



We install a heavy-duty 8000 lb jack. It's overkill, but that is how you build something if you want it to last.

Bulldog Jack Transcend Tiny Homes


Dexter brand axles are used on every trailer for unprecedented reliability. Each set of axels are carefully placed in just the right position, in conjunction with the center of gravity, to make the trailer pull, brake, and handle like it should. Truck and passenger rated tires are simply not designed for Tiny Home application. Hence, when the "rubber meets the road", only trailer load rated tires will do on all of our trailers.

Dexter Axle -Transcend Tiny Homes

Your home on wheels is only as good as the trailer frame it is built on. You want the best, strongest, most reliable trailer you can get.





This is a good example of a weight distributing hitch that you really should use on your truck. It makes your trailer tow like a dream, and adds a LARGE measure of safety. Learn more...

Weight distributing hitch Transcend Tiny Homes