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This water-saving version of the industry-leading Wellworth toilet brings graceful, streamlined design to the bath. At 1.28 gallons per flush, this high-efficiency toilet conserves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet. Innovative technology ensures a high-performance flush for cleanliness. The round-front bowl conveniently fits smaller bath and powder rooms.

Two-piece toilet.
Round-front bowl offers an ideal solution for smaller baths and powder rooms.
1.28 gallons per flush (gpf).
Standard left-hand trip lever included.
Combination consists of the K-4436 tank and the K-4197 bowl.
Coordinates with other products in the Wellworth collection.
Single-flush gravity uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway to create a strong siphon during flushing.
KOHLER's canister flush valve harnesses the natural force of gravity and optimizes flushing performance.
Class Five® flushing technology offers virtually plug-free performance and rinsing power for a clean bowl.

- Soft abrasive cleaners may be used when necessary to clean KOHLER® vitreous china products. Strong abrasive cleaners will scratch and dull the surface.
- Most toilet bowl cleaners are safe to use on vitreous china. Follow label directions and use toilet bowl cleaners on the inside of the bowl only.
- Do not use in-tank toilet cleaners as they can damage the flush valve or other working parts.
- Wipe any splashes of cleaner solutions from plastic or plated surfaces immediately.

Success with cleaners and procedures is dependent upon such factors as the hardness and temperature of the water, using exact measurements of ingredients, changes in cleaning formulas and the condition of the product being cleaned. Since there are variations within these factors, Kohler cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the formulas mentioned.

Over time, hard water deposits may clog toilet rim holes and trapways. To clean, purchase a commercial cleaner that’s recommended for the removal of hard water deposits. Follow all instructions on the package.

Products to Consider

Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
Comet Bathroom Cleaner
Fantastik Antibacterial Heavy Duty
Formula 409 Antibacterial All Purpose
Green Works All-Purpose
Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach
Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner

For rust removal:

Super Iron Out Rust Stain Remover
Bar Keepers Friend


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