How do I arrange payment for our Tiny Home?

Building a composite tiny home requires carefully orchestrating hundreds of components in order to deliver your home on schedule.

Some of the components are:

The composite panels for your home are ordered to exacting standards and are manufactured in a controlled scientific process to ensure precision fit and finish, not to mention the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Read more...

The trailer is custom built to our standards as well. It must be straight and true. The assembly process has to be monitored, inspected and then checked for accuracy. The panels are so straight and square that typical manufactured trailers are not acceptable. Read more...

The appliances we use are ordered and shipped directly from the manufacturer for each home.

The windows are built for us special order, normal windows just won't do. Read more...

Our cabinets come exclusively from IKEA. They are simply the best choice for a tiny or small footprint home. We special order every homes cabinetry.

The exterior composite wood, brick, and stone features are made exclusively for us so this component also requires a special order.

As soon as we get your permission to build a home, your down payment gets deployed to order all of the above items.

 If you are paying by cash or check with no financing needed:

  • In order to start your Tiny Home we need a 50% deposit.
  • Two weeks before final pick up at the factory, or delivery if that may be, we need the balance of funds cleared.  

 If you need financing, expect to need 15%-25% or more down depending on credit available to you.

    Need financing?

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