Do Transcend Tiny Homes have storage tanks?

Here at Transcend Tiny Homes our decisions are always guided by our core values. So, when it comes to storage tanks, here is how we look at it. 

We build Tiny Homes, not RV's.

Our Tiny Homes are designed from the ground up as a home.

Each of our homes are built with amenities that would be found in a traditional home. This means we use plumbing, sinks, faucets, windows, doors and full depth cabinetry that you would find in any home set on a foundation. RV manufacturers build to a different set of specifications. All of the afore mentioned items are built smaller and very light duty for an RV application. Their goals are to build a temporary living unit. We, on the other hand, are building a permanent, comfortable home that is meant to be used every day; hence, we build with high quality amenities and appointments. We expect our homes to last the test of time so our customers can use them 24/7 for years to come.

Storage tanks are a not something that you have in a house, we feel that they belong in an RV.

Most companies pick a price point target, then make the product fit into that goal. We think differently. We ask ourselves, if I were living in this home, what would I want? We choose to build with the future in mind. Our customers have come to expect a home that delivers quality, comfort, and reliability that they are accustom to in a traditional built home.