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Vents US TWINFRESH RA-50, Single Room Energy Recovery Ventilator

TWINFRESH RA-50 is designed for both extract and supply ventilation with energy an recovery function. It recovers heat and moisture to reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer. In cold season, Twin Fresh recovers energy from the exhausted air to pre-treat the air entering the house. It not only helps to save on energy cost but it reduces the load placed on the furnace. Sumertime, TwinFresh ERV supplies fresh, pre-cooled air for indoors and it extracts stale air outdoors while recovering energy, which lowers the load on the HVAC unit as well as your energy bill.
While warm, stale air is extracted from a room, it passes through the ceramic energy core where the heat and moisture gets transferred. As the ceramic core heats up, the ventilator automatically switches to supply mode. In the next cycle, filtered air from outside passes through the ceramic energy core, it absorbs moisture and iwarms up to room temperature due to the accumulated heat. As temperature of the accumulator drops down, the fan switches to extract mode and the cycle is renewed. The ventilator changes its operation mode for supply or extract ventilation every 70 seconds.

Aluminium or stainless steel outer hood
Modern design that fits any interior
100% corrosion proof
Through the wall installation
Compact unit design
Low maintenance
Serves rooms up to 350 Sqft
Through the wall installation for various wall thickness