Composites: Lightweight, Low Energy Tiny Homes on wheels.

Can we have the home of the future... today?

How do you build a tiny home that is super strong, lightweight, and extremely energy efficient? All the while, reducing the carbon footprint of embodied energy using green materials?

You use the same technology that is used in making racing yachts and airplanes.

We spent a lot of time researching the fields of composite technologies and thermal dynamics (snore). We even spent time with some really smart and helpful people at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). We worked with composite, adhesive and structural engineers. We studied the schools of Passive Haus from Germany and Zero Energy Home technologies here in America.


Transcend Tiny Homes -science of thermal dynamics


We started with choosing the perfect axles, then we redesigned the entire trailer frame. We also visited laminating and infusion factories and manufacturers across America until we fully understood how composites are created by some of the best composite builders in the world. Not only that, we talked to tiny home people from across America to find out what make a tiny home really work with a lifestyle that embodies freedom.

Oh yeah, one last thing.

We needed it all to be affordable for the tiny home buyer.

 Transcend Tiny Homes is born.



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