• National Magarita Day! Steak fajitas fiesta!

    National Margarita day!

    February 22

    In honor of national Margarita day we are going to whip up a quick and easy batch of fajitas.

    Ingredients for 4

    Approx 2 lb of beef or chicken depending on your preference. (If not choosing to eat meat at least double up on the veggies and be creative and throw in whatever thrills you)

    We marinated the meat with some Dales seasoning totally optional

    Onions and peppers For the fajita.

    One large onion

    One large bell pepper your choice on color

    Chopp the onions and peppers for fajitas

    2 cups of shredded cheese

    Ample quantity of salsa, pico de gallo or chopped tomatoes depending on your preference

    Sour cream

    Guacamole (our Must have)

    Cilantro and limes for flavor and garnish

    Shells of your choice to hold your fajitas 

    Add Dale's seasoning for the fajita

    Steak in the skillet for fajitas

    We made this a one pot meal by using a large skillet searing the vegetables and a little olive oil until browned remove them from the pan then seared the meat. Once the meat had rested on a plate for about 10 minutes to redistribute the juices, we sliced it against the grain in thin sections.

    Limes sliced for fajitas

    Cilantro for fajitas

    Cilantro for fajitas

    Cilantro for fajitas

    Sliced steak for fajitas

    Steak sliced for fajitas

    Steak sliced for fajitas

    All you need to do at this point is heat your tortilla shells and assemble whatever you would like into the shell.

    Other than marinating the meat, if you choose to do so, this prep time and cooking time should take a total of about 40 minutes.

    As always we hope you ENJOY!

    Karen disappointed...

    Crew is eating the props...

    Randy and Yvonne toasting National Margarita Day

    Randy and Yvonne toasting in tiny home

    We love this tiny thing...

    Transcend Tiny Homes leaf

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    • Carra Riley says...

      Fantastic way to “eat big” in your tiny home! Wonderful step by step and photos showing how easy it is to cook in compact areas. Makes sense and takes time to adjust to the “Cosmic Shift tm” as life evolves! Thanks for showing us the way!

      February 25, 2017

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