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    We are happy to report that our structural testing facility in Mississippi has completed exhaustive testing on our composite wall panels. The results are in:


    Our composite walls withstand 156 mph, Category 5 Hurricane force winds with VERY LITTLE DEFLECTION.

    Celebrate tiny things! 

    This means that with the proper tie downs you can have confidence that a Transcend Tiny Home is built not only to stand the test of time, but can also withstand the force of a major hurricane.



    Category 5, Hurricane Wind Test

    White Pine, Tennessee - February 12, 2017 - Tiny home composite wall system passes its latest round of testing.

    In the world of “tiny” this is huge!  Our composite wall panel was put through it’s paces at the beginning of the year and passed, withstanding sustained wind speeds of 156 mph with very little deflection.  Our process is an established technology with a new application—construction of tiny homes and tiny foot print homes.

    How is this news significant?  It is an ongoing challenge to classify and regulate tiny homes especially THOW (tiny homes on wheels).  The very nature of their design puts them in a classification of their own.  Industry wide, residential building codes are forthcoming, as soon as 2018, that will establish guide lines for the construction of these homes.  We welcome these guides as this will only serve to strengthen the quality of homes made available to home buyers going forward.

    Every step taken is progress toward legitimizing tiny homes as a viable residential option for years to come.  These homes must be energy efficient, low maintenance, functional yet aesthetically pleasing.  This is our company’s mission and Transcend Tiny Homes is honored to be part of this progress.



    Randy Marmet

    Transcend Tiny Homes


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    • Michael says...

      Congratulation Randy, obviously you have chosen the right SIP.

      March 29, 2017

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