• Happy weigh in! Transcend beats weight estimates.

    A great day for Transcend!

    10 lbs lighter than estimated.

    Weigh bill Transcend Tiny Homes


    New composite construction makes for Light Weight Tiny Homes

    White Pine, Tennessee - February 1, 2017 - A tiny home that is a fraction of the weight of traditionally built tiny homes.

    One of the biggest challenges in owning, and moving, a tiny home is the ability to tow it with a vehicle that doesn’t cost as much if not more than the home itself.  Traditional building methods = heavy.  We observe trees effortless swaying in the wind and may take for granted how much they really weigh.  The availability of this valuable resource is dwindling.  What other options do we have?

    Composite wall construction is not a new technology.  More familiar uses can be seen in the aeronautical and nautical arenas.  Application of this technology in residential structures is a dream who’s time has come.  Transcend Tiny Homes is proof positive of this concept.

    Our recent release, the Amsterdam 24, is a 8 1/2 foot by 24 foot home on wheels that weighed in at 8,340 pounds.  This included all the appliances:  a full sized washer and dryer, an 18 cu ft refrigerator and a 30 gallon water heater.  Any other tiny home, built by traditional 2 x 4 construction, would weigh in the ball park of 12,000 to 16,000 pounds.  

    At Transcend Tiny Homes, our company’s mission is to provide energy efficient, low maintenance, functional yet aesthetically pleasing tiny homes.  We feel privileged to be a leader in this industry.



    Randy Marmet

    Transcend Tiny Homes


    3041 Hardy Road

    White Pine, TN 37890

    Ph:  352-238-6836

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